What are we learning in Chinese Lessons?

Nimen hao!

Over the next few posts, Ararat PS 800 students will be taking over Mrs Jerram’s Blog to tell you what they’ve been learning in Chinese lessons this semester. Scroll down to the links on this page and the photos below to give you some clues about students’ future posts.

IMG_7117Ni hao



This clue is hiding behind these students!



China Challenge 2014

It’s been a busy start to Term 4 at Ararat Primary School 800 with our Grade 3-6 students winning First Prize for their collective Chinese Language (characters and pinyin) entries in the regional ‘China Challenge’ Competition. Students were very happy to have the Cath Mc Clenehan Memorial Shield returned to pride of place in our school corridor, near our staff room. Ararat PS 800 students had previously won this shield in 2012. If you happen to be at our school come and have a look at the shield. We’re very excited to have won First Prize and we’re looking forward to next year’s competition as it’s theme is the 12 Symbolic Animals (One of our favourite topics!!)Our thanks to the ‘China Challenge’ organising committee for providing this opportunity for local students and for arranging the awards presentation ceremony at the Ballarat Town Hall.

.IMG_7091Organising Committee Member- Mrs Joy

We met the Mayor of Ballarat!IMG_7096
Venue-Ballarat Town Hall

Venue-Ballarat Town HallIMG_7132Back at school!

Here are some photographs of some displays that are inside and outside our Chinese Language Classroom.

IMG_7108IMG_7127IMG_7098IMG_7125IMG_7126IMG_7124IMG_7107Welcome to our Chinese Language Room!

We hope you like these pics of our Chinese Language Room. All Ararat PS students from Prep to Year 6 have a one hour Chinese lesson each week. Stay tuned for our next post, where we will show you some of our colourful Chinese flashcards and vocabulary displays that surround us when we’re learning Chinese at 800 (That’s short for Ararat Primary School 800).P.S We’ve also got some exciting news to tell you about in our next post!