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你们好! Nimen hao!

I’ve added two new categories to our blog everyone. They are Web page links and Positive Thinking.

The Web page Links Category will have url links to pages that tell us about Chinese words, phrases and Chinese culture.

The Positive Thinking Category will have links to  videos and other media that help us to be fun loving and positive thinking learners.

Positive memes and pictures I have started to paste into a Positive Thinking Pics Wiki, that you can find under the Positive Thinking Category link.

Do you already know of some web page links and positive sayings and videos that we could have on our blog? Let me know if you do!

Enjoy!  Jerram 老师 Jerram laoshi

IMG_0593P.S- Do you think this photo of my Xiao bai gou 小白狗  (AKA Pixie Jerram) should be put in the Positive Thinking Wiki?

25 thoughts on “New Categories

  1. 你好, Wilbur!
    I agree with you, I will pop 小白狗 photo into the Positive thinking category as a link. I will also add some tags to my previous posts to make a tag cloud. 谢谢 for taking an interest in our blog.
    Zaijian !再见!

  2. I think Pixie should go on the positive thinking category she is so cute!!!! Zaijian 🙂 P.S i love this Chinese blog it is awesome!!!!!

    • 谢谢,Kiara!
      I’m glad that you love our Chinese blog and think that 小白狗 is
      很可爱 (hen ke ai-very cute). I hope that you will help co-create a post on our blog soon. Keep an eye out for our next student/teacher co-created blog. Walter and I are working on a post about Chinese string instruments.
      再见!Jerram 老师 🙂

  3. Ni Hao, Mrs Jerram Pixie is so cute and she would be the best dog ever! I Love your Blog a lot and my Mum said she might get her cousin Wendy to come on and check it out and guess what that might me your next flag cause she is from England. I LOVE the songs that you have posted for the rainbow and numbers! I hope you get way more people checking it out and learning more chinese!

    P.S Love your blog and keep going on with great Chinese
    Zaijen! ( Goodbye ) 🙂 :p

    • 你好, Zaf!
      Great to hear from you,谢谢 for your feedback about our Chinese Blog. It would be wonderful if cousin Wendy looked at our blog. I hope a lot of people look at our blog too! Zaf will you help me co-create a blog about what we have been learning in Chinese this semester? I have our Chinese Language Learning Intentions (Macro topics) ready to post but need some students to write a post about our other Semester Two micro topics and learning activities. 再见! 🙂
      P.S 小白狗 is 很可爱 hen ke ai-very cute but sometimes she is a little unruly!

      • Ni Hao! Mrs Jerram I would love to to co-write a blog! Have you seen the flag counter? 4 people from different contury i think its getting better! Hope you enjoy Teaching and learning cause you have got years to come! I have enjoyed being with you and can’t wait for more time to be with you! See you and Merry Christmas ( see you tommorow for lote and friday as usaul)! Still Love Pixie no matter what! Zaijen ( goodbye) 😉

        • 你好, Zaf! Great news, I’ll have a talk to you tomorrow about the information we need to include in our post “What Are We Learning In Chinese Lessons? #2”
          I have seen the flag counter and I’m impressed! I do enjoy teaching Chinese and teaching you in 3/4 FJ Zaf.

  4. Ni Hao Mrs jerram I think the web page links and positive thinking categories are a great idea for the blog. I absolutely think miss pixie should been in the positive thinking area because she is so cute and she brightens anyone’s day up and I extremely like her photo with her beret on. Hope all goes well:) 😀

  5. Ni hao Mrs Jerram
    Have you seen the flag counter.I can not believe how many people have been on
    to visit the blog.Before there was only about 32 people from Australia.
    Zaijian 🙂 🙂

  6. Nin hao Mrs Jerram
    Pixie is so cuuuuuute!!!! I bet Pixie would make a wonderful fairy. I love the Chinesse Blog and i’ve been telling mum how amazing the blog is. I hope that on Wednesday we can see our comments.
    Zaijian 🙂

    • 你好, Adam!
      Thanks for your comments about my 小白狗。
      I’m glad that you are spreading the word about our Chinese Blog. Keep up the good work.
      Mrs J

    • 欢迎, Logan! Welcome, Logan!
      I’m glad that you found a way to post on our blog. We will try to post on the Chinese Blog at least once every two weeks.
      We’ve been busy at school finishing off our Chinese Workbooks to take home and the Specialist Teachers have been writing reports and running Planning Days. So because it’s nearly the end of the Term Four I’m adding our last few posts this week. I hope that you like them.
      Remember our blog links which can help you to learn more Chinese language between your weekly lessons and over the holidays.
      圣诞快乐! Merry Christmas!

    • Ni hao Mc Adies! 新年好!Xin nian hao! Happy New Year! Pixie 很可爱! (Pixie is cute!) She’s busy celebrating Chinese New Year at the moment, keep checking our blog to see some photos of her celebrating “Year of the Goat” soon. Thank you for the way the three of you have all participated in our blog since we first started it. 🙂 再见! Zaijian!

  7. Ni Hao Mrs Jerram
    Happy birthday for the 14th of February. I hope you had a nice day.
    I hope to see lots more pictures of pixie.
    Zaijain Holly

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