Christmas Dragons

chritmas dragonChristmas Dragon final ink

christmas_dragons_by_sc2009-d32ythl Amber has requested some Christmas dragons. Here are some Christmas dragons  (even though they are not technically Chinese dragons). Who can tell me why they are not Chinese dragons? Remember to click on images for a bigger picture. Thanks for the inspiration Amber. I’ll save the Beijing Opera mask pictures until next year. 🙂

圣诞快乐! Merry Christmas!

Walter’s Blog Post

你们好!Hello Everyone! Nimen Hao!

I’m very  happy- Wo hen gaoxing!我很高兴!

Today I am posting a blog written by Walter about two Chinese string instruments. They are the Konghou and the Yangqin.

谢谢 Walter!Xiexie Walter! I’m sure that you will all enjoy looking at Walter’s word document. Just click on the link below. Also click on the video links Walter that Walter has included for you.

To celebrate our first solo student blog, I’ve added a Chinese music link. Walter, there’s a musical performance there that I think you’ll like.   很好, Walter! Well done, Walter!

Chinese walter blog