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IMG_7124你们好!Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to Mrs Jerram’s Chinese Room! Learning Chinese is Fun!

This is our first blog post for 2015. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and 谢谢(xiexie-thank you) to all of you who left comments on our blog during the school holidays. The Year of the Goat began yesterday and will be a great year for learning about Chinese language 中文 (zhongwen) and culture. However, before we move into the Year of the Goat, we are going to reflect upon our Chinese learning in 2014 Year of the Horse. Last year I asked Zaf to write down what she could remember about learning 中文 at Ararat Primary School during the 2014 school year. Let’s read what Zaf wrote before we start our Chinese New Year celebrations. Here it is:

Zaf’s Reflection

“By looking at my book you can see that we’ve been learning 8 different subjects this year.

The first subject was “The Year of the Horse”. We learnt character writing about the “Year of the Horse” after that we also coloured in a 10 horse picture for our own front page in our Chinese lesson workbook.

Our subjects in between were the following: Numbers, Peking Opera, Primary and Secondary colours, Simple Phrases, Spring, and the second last topic was Family Members.

The very last thing as lots of people love it was Christmas. In Chinese we have learnt how to say “Merry Christmas” which is “Sheng dan kuai le! 圣诞快乐!”.We were given Christmas worksheets, you could choose an angel or a tree!

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????谢谢 Zaf! Xiexie Zaf! Thank you Zaf!

Now that we have talked about what our learning topics for 2015, let’s talk about Year of the Goat 2015.

What an exciting year we are going to have in Mrs Jerram’s Chinese Room in 2015.

Room Makeover

We’ve started the 2015 school year with a Chinese room makeover, thanks to  Ellouise for her blog comment about the new chevron stripes. Now that it’s 2015 we are also learning about the celebration of Chinese New Year and Chinese cultural symbols, characters and items.

Dragon Body Project

At Ararat PS we have an amazing dragon head made by past and present students and teachers. Towards the end of Term One, students at Ararat PS 800 will be designing their own dragon body panel. Then in Term Two and Three students will decorate a cotton panel in their weekly Art lessons with Miss Sharp, by using their own design and art and craft materials. When finished the individual panels will then be joined together and sewn into a body for our dragon.

China Challenge

The theme for this year’s China Challenge competition is  one of our favourite topics-“The 12 Symbolic Animals”. More information to come about this competition in Term Two.

Chinese Learning Leaders

For the first time, 5/6 students have this year been given the opportunity to take a leadership role to help support our Chinese Program at APS 800. In our next student co- authored  blog you’ll get to meet our Chinese Leaders. Meanwhile enjoy the first few days of Year of the Goat.

Thanks for reading our first blog entry for 2015. Zaijian! 再见!


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6 thoughts on “Year of the Goat 2015

  1. Hey Mrs Jerram,
    Thank you so much for putting my post up i really enjoyed looking back and seeing my work THANK YOU! 🙂 🙂 🙂 By the way can you pop up the video of the goat he was sooooooooooo funny thx

    • Xiexie ni, Zaf! I was really glad that you helped me write a blog post about our Chinese language learning in 2014. As a thank you I’ve added the video that you requested in your comment. It’s in our latest blog post. Zaijian!
      Mrs Jerram 🙂

  2. Ni hao
    After school I went on the blog and youtube and on youtube I found this video that I think you should watch. It is called (Chinese for kids-Follow jade! learn Chinese: lets go to market in china trailer) Please search it up on youtube. It will be great for us kids to watch. It is about how to say most of the fruits in Chinese.

  3. Hi Mrs Jerram,
    Its Tamsyn thank you for letting 1/2 S use your toys and do the blossom trees. Thank you for always being such a nice teacher. I cant wait to open the treasure chest, i cant wait to see whats in there. Thank you for always letting us take a break from work and let us watch videos.

    From Tamsyn K

    • 你好,Tamsyn!Thank you for your feedback. Just remember that if we watch a video clip it is connected to what we are learning about in Chinese. For example,”The legend of Nien” and the “Chinese Number Hand Counting” videos that we watched and discussed today.Except for the “Groaning goat”, that really was just a bit of fun! Glad that you like it and your 1/2S is very close to opening the Treasure Chest. Keep up the good work Tamsyn! 🙂

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