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We’ve had a busy time in the Chinese Room during recent weeks, hosting our Chinese students from Shanghai Experimental School.
Firstly, our students had a great time welcoming four visiting Chinese students, Kitty, Hanna, Lewis and Steven into 3/4 C and 3/4 B. At the start of the week, it seemed like our visitors from China were very different to ourselves, yet as the week went on, we all started to realise that we shared many similarities. We helped our visiting students learn English, and they helped us to practise our Chinese character stroke order. They also helped us practise our Chinese conversational skills and pronunciation. We all loved having native speakers in our classrooms, and the way in which they helped us to recognize that there’s a real purpose for learning Chinese as a language other than English. We hope to have more visitors in the future so that other grades in our school can participate in this excellent program.
Thank you very much, to our wonderful Host Families, who went to great efforts to ensure our visitors had a warm welcome and valuable and comfortable stay in our area.
Other students from Shanghai were also hosted at Ararat West, Ararat North, Stawell 502, Stawell West and Great Western. Ms Molan and I would also like to thank all these schools and their Principals for their participation in this program.



4 thoughts on “Visitors From China

    • 你好, Isobel! It was a great experience to have visiting students from China.
      Thanks for your comments and feedback about the blog. For our next post, I’ll be putting up some photos of the 2016 China Challenge.

  1. Hi this is sarah ghazal.
    It was such a good time with the students from china.
    I can’t look at the blog this is the only time i can.

    • 你好, Sarah! It’s so great to hear from you and read your comment on our blog. I’m glad that you enjoyed having visitors from China at our school. We hope that both you and Malik are enjoying your new school. Miss Molan, and all the Ararat Primary School staff and students miss you both. We and are looking forward to hearing all your stories about your time away overseas when you and Malik return. All the teachers are busy writing end of year reports and next week is Week 10 of Term 4. Time has flown, and it is now nearly the end of the school year. Take care until we see you both again. Zaijian! 再见!
      P.S Please say “Hello!” to your mother for me. 🙂

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