New Categories

你们好! Nimen hao!

I’ve added two new categories to our blog everyone. They are Web page links and Positive Thinking.

The Web page Links Category will have url links to pages that tell us about Chinese words, phrases and Chinese culture.

The Positive Thinking Category will have links to  videos and other media that help us to be fun loving and positive thinking learners.

Positive memes and pictures I have started to paste into a Positive Thinking Pics Wiki, that you can find under the Positive Thinking Category link.

Do you already know of some web page links and positive sayings and videos that we could have on our blog? Let me know if you do!

Enjoy!  Jerram 老师 Jerram laoshi

IMG_0593P.S- Do you think this photo of my Xiao bai gou 小白狗  (AKA Pixie Jerram) should be put in the Positive Thinking Wiki?